In a happy collaboration with Black Market Pearls in Tahiti, I have been creating new designs over the past year. Combining these rare and precious gems of the ocean with my nordic design style has been a unique opportunity!  

It all began with meeting the owner of Black Market Pearls, Fred Sagues. He presented me with a rare challenge of working with these amazing pearls, giving me free rein to create stunning necklaces, bracelets and earrings. This latest spectacular necklace is made with seven rare large round "peacock" pearls. I created the pendant drop with my nordic gold filigree and granulation as its cap, then used oxidized sterling silver and 14k gold in the connectors, filigree necklace chain, and clasp. 

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Several other of my designs are featured on Black Market Pearls website, as well as on my own Etsy site. Custom pearl designs gladly accepted, too!